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Market Solutions for Social and Environmental Problems: Social Policy Bonds is my latest full-length treatment of the Social Policy Bond concept. About an earlier version reviewers said:

“This is a must-read for anyone interested in the potential of financial markets for meeting social goals - if there is a common ground where Socialism, Environmentalism and Market Capitalism can meet, this book contains the recipe for finding it."

"...a unique, clever, and thought-provoking book. At first, the central idea of the book seems downright zany - using market forces, in the form of government-issued bonds, to harness creative self-interest to solve social problems like crime or unemployment. However, Horesh argues his case in a clear and compelling manner and I was left wondering - can it work? I would certainly like to see our governments take up the challenge...."

This book is currently available from createspace as a hard copy, or from Amazon in a Kindle version. The book is about 72000 words in length (77000 words including citations). While it would help me if you purchase either version of the book, I have posted excerpts on the next three pages of this site. I have also made the individual chapters available for free download via the Links to chapters page on the right-hand menu. If you think the book of value, I'd be grateful if you purchase the book or ebook afterwards, or make a small donation using this Libera button:

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